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Aspiredia prides itself as a company which redefines the way international students apply to universities, colleges, and high schools. We are creating a better application process for these students through our portal which helps them find the best study abroad programs based on their academic background, desired course of study, and financial means.

Using our study abroad student portal is easy. As we have made it simple for you to search and apply for your ideal program. Simply, navigate our database based on key attributes you want in a program. This can be criteria such as the university you want to attend, or the course you want to study at that university.

The core motive behind the student portal, is to make study abroad a reality for students from around the globe, regardless of their nationality, location, or educational background. We believe in providing educational opportunities and it makes the world a better place when we expose students to other cultures. Today, student by student we are helping people realize their dreams while building a better future for the world.


Our vision is to nurture the educational aspirations of our future generations.


To position Aspiredia to become the leading brand in the education industry around the globe. And to be amongst the top study abroad student portal and top study abroad consulting firm globally.


“Aspiredia” is the combination of three words “Aspire”, “Education” and “Encyclopedia“. It reflects our core purpose of providing students with the right direction towards their academic ambitions by offering them diverse study abroad options. This bridging role will be of significant support in the transformation of many lives through education. We are ardent about fulfilling our vision by providing distinctive services through our study abroad student portal.

Acceptability: We strongly discourage any form of discrimination and honor others’ rights and feelings.

Sportsmanship: Bring your best to all competition.

Politeness: Savor the challenge of a tough competitor and meet it with your finest performance, win or lose.

Interconnected: Tending to recognize the dynamic association amid individual effort and group achievement.

Reliable: Always tend to prove that our stakeholders can depend on us.

Encouraging: Encouraging the growth and development concerns of all our stakeholders.

Discipline: Even in the challenging situations, we in Aspiredia remain devoted and self-controlled.

Investing: Inspiring and guiding others to grow.

Accountable: Keeping in consideration and accept the impact that our actions can bring to the society.

Our core values are more than just words. They are Aspiredia’s way of life.

Aspiredia Study Abroad Team
Starting from the development of our study abroad student portal, we have mastered strategies to get it on the right track from the outset. That is why we have put significant efforts in the recruitment of the competent, qualified, honest, customer centric and hard-working staff members.

At Aspiredia we have a strong belief on the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen”. Our expert, experienced and multicultural study abroad counselors consider your academic background, interests, strength and propose you with best available pathways tailored to your requirements.

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Aspiredia Study Abroad Team
For Agents:

Multiple Options: Partnered with 500+ universities and colleges from Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, European Cyprus, Turkish Cyprus, Canada, Hungary, Poland, Ireland, New Zealand, UAE, Georgia, Ukraine and South Korea, offering around 20000+ different courses.

Complete online Process: Search for courses, check eligibility, create student profile, apply online, submit documents and get offer letter online.

Team Management: Invite your team and create different user login and password and manage all the staff under one company profile.

For Partner Schools:

Aspiredia’s study abroad portal facilitates the global marketing and recruiting efforts for our partner institutions. Our mission is to transform campuses into multicultural, international learning environments that prepare students to excel in the global economy.

Study abroad is a growing trend in higher education. More students than ever are choosing to study at institutions abroad. When students study abroad, they not only gain a first-hand understanding of another culture, but also have the chance to hone their intercultural and communication skills through engaging with international students, visiting new cities after hours, and forming lasting friendships around the world. We are dedicated to helping our partner institutions not only recruit these students but also ensure their successful transition overseas by providing them with everything they need to study abroad.

Partner Institutes
Study Destinations

Our Services

Aspiredia’s Services

Student Portal

Search, compare and apply for most suitable programs offered by our partner institutes. Submit your documents on our student portal from the comfort of your home.

Agent Portal

On our agent portal get access to our global partner institutes. Create your student’s profile, make applications, submit documents and many more features.

Institute Portal

Diversify your campus by increasing reach globally through our portal. Promote your institution on our student portal and social media platforms.

Student Portal Highlights

Student Portal Highlights

Online Application

Search and Apply for your dream education on our platform based on your qualification, choice of country, institute, program, budget and university ranking.

Eligibility Check

Simply enter the grades of your most recent education, select education level and country. Our study portal will only show the programs you are eligible for.

Multiple Applications

Create one student profile and add as many applications as you would like under the same profile, to check the status of applications simply click on the profile.

Online Chat Support

At any point of your application if you require our assistance simply click the messenger icon at the bottom of screen and drop us a message.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process the application?2021-02-28T05:34:31+00:00

The admission process can take around 1 to 4 weeks depending on destination and school. Once complete documents are submitted on our platform, we review and submit the documents to relevant institution in 3 working days.

What are different steps to submit an application?2021-02-28T05:42:57+00:00

Step-1 : Search for programs by entering your education details
Step-2 : Check your eligibility for the program
Step-3 : Apply for program and Fill up your profile
Step-4 : Upload Required Documents
Step-5 : Review, Pay Application Fees (If Any) and Submit the Application

What happens once I have submitted my application?2021-02-28T05:41:05+00:00

Once your application is submitted, our counselors review the documents, application, and profile details. We will notify you if anything else is required apart from submitted documents. Once the requirements are completed we will submit the application to relevant schools and notify you at every stage of the application.

What are the application steps post-submission?2021-02-28T05:47:14+00:00

Step 1 : Receive Letter of Eligibility or Offer Letter
Step 2 : Pay Required Fees Deposit to the school and upload the receipt online
Step 3 : Receive Letter of Admission for visa process
Step 4 : Submit the documents for visa
Step 5 : Upload your visa online
Step 6 : Reserve University Accommodation (If Required) and Submit your flight ticket for airport pickup arrangements
Step 7 : Fly Towards Your Goal

What is the Process for Credit Transfer Applications?2021-02-28T05:51:03+00:00

Once your application has been submitted successfully, leave a note for credit transfer application. Our staff will create new tabs for you to upload additional documents to process your credit transfer. Upload the documents in the requested tabs and wait for updates.

What are the documents required for Credit Transfer Applications?2021-02-28T05:54:14+00:00

1. Transcripts until the duration studied
2. Course Modules/Syllabus for each course studied

Did not get your answer yet?

You may drop your question to us by clicking on the messenger icon at the right-bottom of the screen. Our expert counsellors will answer your queries.


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The team at Aspiredia is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.
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