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Travel arrangements

Travel arrangements2020-09-01T13:02:49+00:00

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How long does it take to process the application?2021-02-28T05:34:31+00:00

The admission process can take around 1 to 4 weeks depending on destination and school. Once complete documents are submitted on our platform, we review and submit the documents to relevant institution in 3 working days.

What are different steps to submit an application?2021-02-28T05:42:57+00:00

Step-1 : Search for programs by entering your education details
Step-2 : Check your eligibility for the program
Step-3 : Apply for program and Fill up your profile
Step-4 : Upload Required Documents
Step-5 : Review, Pay Application Fees (If Any) and Submit the Application

What happens once I have submitted my application?2021-02-28T05:41:05+00:00

Once your application is submitted, our counselors review the documents, application, and profile details. We will notify you if anything else is required apart from submitted documents. Once the requirements are completed we will submit the application to relevant schools and notify you at every stage of the application.

What are the application steps post-submission?2021-02-28T05:47:14+00:00

Step 1 : Receive Letter of Eligibility or Offer Letter
Step 2 : Pay Required Fees Deposit to the school and upload the receipt online
Step 3 : Receive Letter of Admission for visa process
Step 4 : Submit the documents for visa
Step 5 : Upload your visa online
Step 6 : Reserve University Accommodation (If Required) and Submit your flight ticket for airport pickup arrangements
Step 7 : Fly Towards Your Goal

What is the Process for Credit Transfer Applications?2021-02-28T05:51:03+00:00

Once your application has been submitted successfully, leave a note for credit transfer application. Our staff will create new tabs for you to upload additional documents to process your credit transfer. Upload the documents in the requested tabs and wait for updates.

What are the documents required for Credit Transfer Applications?2021-02-28T05:54:14+00:00

1. Transcripts until the duration studied
2. Course Modules/Syllabus for each course studied

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