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Aspiredia’s Partner Schools in Turkey

Turkey is an excellent study destination if you’re looking to immerse yourself in a new culture while remaining close to both East and West. Apart from its ideal blend of European and Oriental influences, Turkey is developing an academic reputation, with new and traditional universities competing to educate international students. Turkey has over 200 universities, the majority of which are state-run. Through Aspiredia’s Study Abroad Student Portal, you can search, compare and apply to our multiple partner schools in Turkey.

Study in Turkey at Acibadem University

Acıbadem University

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Acbadem Mehmet Ali Aydnlar University is a non-profit foundation university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is dedicated to health sciences. Mehmet Ali Aydnlar, an entrepreneur and founder of Acbadem Healthcare Group, Turkey’s leading healthcare institution, founded the university in 2007.

Study in Turkey at Altinbas University

Altnbaş University

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Altnbaş is a Turkish foundation university located in Istanbul. The university was founded as Istanbul Kemerburgaz University in 2008 and changed its name to its current one in 2017. Altnbaş University has over 5000 international students from 89 countries, accounting for approximately 40% of total enrollment.

Study in Turkey at Alanya Hep University

Analya Hep University

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Alanya HEP University offers students a variety of courses and programmes at various levels. As a private, non-profit institution, the institution’s mission is to provide students with a high-quality education at an affordable price. The university’s objective is to alleviate the student’s burden of tuition expenses.

Study in Turkey at Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University

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Kadir Has University was founded in 1997 in Fatih, Istanbul. Kadir Has is a the private institution and comprise of seven major faculties: law, economics, administrative and social sciences, communications, management, engineering, natural sciences, arts and design, and applied sciences.

Study in Turkey at Istanbul Gelisim University

Istanbul Gelişim University

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IGU’s foundations were laid by Abdulkadir Gayretli, through the Gelisim Culture and Education Foundation. The school began as Istanbul Gelisim Vocational School in 2008 and has grown into a higher institution of learning with the goal of contributing to Turkey’s education system.

Study in Turkey at Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University

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Studying at IMU is a positive step toward achieving all of your goals. The university provides academic, social, and entrepreneurial guidelines that are contemporary in nature. Foreign students are increasingly taking advantage of the numerous opportunities promoted by the institution.

Study in Turkey at Okan University

Istanbul Okan University

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Okan University, a young and vibrant university in Turkey, founded in 1999 by the Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation. The Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation was established in 1986 to conduct research and studies on sport, health, and education issues in social, cultural, and economic fields.

Study in Turkey at Uskudur University

Uskudar University

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Uskudar University was founded in 2011. In 1999, the university was founded as the Turkish branch of the Memory Center of America. Founded by the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation, Üsküdar University is Turkey’s first thematic university in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences.

Study in Turkey at Biruni University

Biruni University

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Dunya (world) Education Foundation decided to establish a university for this purpose in order to increase the presence of health-related universities in Turkey. This university’s mission would be to contribute to both academics and the social life of the Turkish people through research and extensive theoretical analogies.

Study in Turkey at Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydn University

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Istanbul Aydn University is a private university established on May 18, 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey, as an extension of its predecessor, the Anadolu BIL vocational college. Istanbul Aydin University is one of Turkey’s newest and most distinctive universities, advocating for global education and global progress.

Study in Turkey at Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University

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Bahcesehir University is a private institution of higher learning in Turkey, founded in 1998. Located on Istanbul’s European side, it is a university with a large number of English-language programs. It is a forward-thinking university with alumni working in a variety of fields throughout the world.

Study in Turkey at Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University

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Yeditepe University was founded in 1996 and is one of the largest private universities in Turkey. Its mission is to educate students who are curious about the world, creative, and self-aware. Yeditepe University was ranked first as Turkey’s best foundation university in 2017 and 2018, so you’re in good hands.

Study in Turkey at Sabanci University

Sabanci University

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Sabanci University takes pride in being one of the top universities in Turkey. Over the years, the University has expanded to include three faculties that offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as numerous foundation and vocational programs.

Study in Turkey at Gedik University

Gedik University

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Gedik University is a university located in Istanbul. Its a university with ambitions To be an innovative, excellence-creating, excellence global university that educates individuals who can shape the future with its distinguished teaching staff through sustainable education programs.

Study in Turkey at Beykoz University

Beykoz University

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Beykoz is a private non-profit university founded in 2016. The university provides prospective students with a fresh start as they embark on their path to the future. Beykoz University is a for-profit private university located in Istanbul, Turkey. TÜRLEV established Beykoz University as the successor to Beykoz School of Logistics.

Study in Turkey at Maltepe University

Maltepe University

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Maltepe University is a private university located in Istanbul’s Maltepe district. The “Istanbul Marmara Education Foundation” founded it on July 9, 1997. The institution offers a broad range of educational opportunities, from elementary to university. The first graduating class took place in June 2001.