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Malaysian Study Visa Requirements

If you want to get a Malaysian study visa, you must have the documents below. Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is one of the bodies that set these rules.

Malaysian Study Visa Requirements
  • Photograph: You need to provide passport size photographs with white background (35mm x 45 mm).

  • Passport Copy: All of the pages, including the data page that shows candidates’ name, face, and other important information.

  • Offer Letter: An offer letter from the school is one of the things that you need to apply for a Malaysian study visa. The letter of acceptance is sent by your school. Subsequently, you will be able to fill out the online form to send in the application.

  • Health Declaration: You need to fill out and submit a copy of health declaration form in order to apply for a Malaysian study visa. In the case of an online application, you must submit the scanned copy of the form.

  • Academic Records: You need to show proof of your previous studies. There may be extra requirements for some courses. So, you need to check the admission requirements for the school.

  • Personal Bond: All educational institutions in Malaysia must sign a personal bond on behalf of the candidate. A student will need to deposit a certain amount of money for this.

  • No-Objection Certificate (NOC): Students from Sudan need to get a NOC before they come to Malaysia. The school must apply for this document. Only school representative can get it from the Sudanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

  • English Language Requirement: When you apply for the Visa Approval Letter, you need to clear English proficiency test.

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Source: Education Malaysia Global Services