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Malaysian Visa Application

As per the institution type, students can apply for a Malaysian visa in two ways:

Malaysian Study Visa
  1. Only students who have offer letters from Public Universities and Private Higher Education Institutions, can apply for a Malaysian visa directly
  2. Where to apply: Education Malaysia Website
  3. Processing time: 14 working days
  1. After submission of required documents and payment (varies for each institution), they will start the process to get the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for the applicant
  2. If applying for language and skill centers, it is mandatory to submit an application through the institution

Malaysian Visa Application Process

Receive a formal admissions letter from your chosen institution and pay any enrollment fee.

Your university contacts the Malaysian immigration authorities to register an application on your behalf. They’ll ask you to read through and digitally sign the official application form after they’ve filled it in.

You’ll need to send your university several documents so they can complete the application. A full list is included in the section below.

As well as the government application fee, some universities charge a processing fee. The exact amount will depend on the institution.

The immigration authorities will normally notify the institution of your application outcome within three weeks.

For detailed Malaysian visa process, click here

Your university will forward the visa approval letter (VAL) to you. This is a provisional student pass that allows you to enter the country. You’ll need to present this to immigration officials upon your arrival.

Send the university details of your arrival dates, airport location, and flight numbers. A university representative will usually meet you at the airport.

Your university will send off your passport to the immigration department within two weeks of your arrival. When it returns, it’ll include your student pass sticker.