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Living Cost in Malaysia

Low living cost in Malaysia is one of key driver of international students here. Malaysia annually hosts over 150,000 international students from over 140 nations. Kuala Lumpur was even ranked as the second most cheap city for students, without sacrificing the great quality of life available.

While your actual monthly spending will depend on your accommodation’s location and personal lifestyle, affordable living cost in Malaysia is typically a big lure for students and other international tourists alike.

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Malaysia offers an affordable lifestyle to all immigrants. The living cost in Malaysia is much lower when compared to countries like Singapore, US and the UK. On an average, your total cost of living per month will be around 500 – 800 USD.

Living Cost in Malaysia – Breakdown


Services/Items Cost Per Month (in USD)
Off-Campus Accommodation 100 and Above
On-Campus Accommodation 150 – 500
Food 150 – 250
Transportation 20 – 50
Utilities 50 – 100
Personal Expense 50 and above

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