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Why Study in Malaysia?

When you choose to study in Malaysia, you’re taking a trip to a country that is known for its hospitality. You can expect to be well-received by a nation that has grown accustomed to an international population, and one that is well-versed in the cultures of other regions. International students studying in Malaysia have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich diversity of its population.

Malaysia is a vast country, and its diverse cultural and historical heritage is just as large. The country has been in the mainstream of education for so long that it is hard to keep track of all its best practices. For example, the entire structure and management of education in Malaysia falls under one roof, and that roof is of the Ministry of Education.

Not only does Malaysia offer opportunities for students from all over the world to live in and study at reputable educational institutions, Malaysian institutes also offer those same students a great kick start with robust educational facilities and scope.

Study in Malaysia Intakes

Spring Intake

January Intake

Spring intake is the primary intake for prospective students looking for higher education in Malaysia. The application deadline for this intake is in November.

Summer Intake

May/June/July Intake

Students who miss spring intake may also apply for the second intake which is summer intake. The application deadline is in March.

Fall Intake

September Intake

The Fall is the second major intake in Malaysia educational institutes.  The fall intake is specifically famous for the full-time programs. The application deadline for this intake is in June.

Special Intake

November Intake

Students who miss Fall intake application may apply for this last intake which starts in October/November. The application submission closes in September.

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